Lab Members and Facility

Our lab Facility S365C (after renovation, Thanks Keegan for pictures taken in 2019)

2020 -2021 Undergraduate and Graduate Research Students

Nicky Sigouin (CDRF), April Read (UREAP and USRA), Marissa Yoneda (USRA), Keegan Koning, Elisha Balazo (UREAP and Apprenticeship), Monica Walsh (Directed Study), Sara Lawrance (volunteer, SfAM Students to Work Grant: pending), Keilin Gorman (UREAP: pending), Aman Galymov (UREAP: pending) and Nick Fontaine (M.Sc.)

2017 -2019 Undergraduate, Graduate , Summer Research Students and Research Assistants

Richenda McFarland, Keegan Koning, Lynnea Carr, Julianna Bissonnette, Brandon Hayashi, Taylor Kutzley, Nick Fontaine (M.Sc), Chadabhorn Insuk (M.Sc. visiting from Chiang Mai University, Thailand), Linda Qain (summer research student from UofChicago), Cailin McNeely (summer research student from Queen’s), Skylah McLeod Van Wagoner (summer research student from Dalhousie), Monique Nijjer (summer research student from UBCO), Leanne Mills(RA), Aaron Wong (RA), Gabrielle Kam (RA), and Rory McKerchar (RA).

 With Dr. Cori Lausen 








2015 – 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Soumya Ghosh (Postdoctoral Fellow) for our 2015-2017 USFWS-funded research project on “Finding effective biological control options against Pd”.  The goal of this research is to identify new methods of inhibiting the growth of Pseudogymnoascus destructans (Pd), the fungus that causes White Nose Syndrome (WNS).


2016 Undergraduate Research Students:

Rory McKerchar (UREAP and Honours, Dr. Lloyd Nixon Memorial Pre-Med Award), Robyn McArthur (Honours), Luca Williamson (Directed Study), Richenda McFarland (Directed Study) and Keegan Koning (Directed Study), Solenn Vogel (Volunteer)


2017 Spring Lab Party


2016 Summer Research Students (Volunteers)

Tanna Lauriente, Breanne McAmmond, Gabrielle Kam, and Pet-chompoo Sa-ngarmangkang (UBC)

Lab members summer 2016

Lab members summer 2016 (from left: Soumya, Tanna, Gabrielle, Robyn, Rory, Ann, Pinky, and Chantal)

2015 Undergraduate Research Students:

Chris James (Summer research volunteer;UBC), Alfredo Ponco (Mitacs, Mexico), Cole Hooper (Summer research volunteer), Sarah Gomes (Directed Study), Mitchell Johnson (Directed Study), Chantal Holm (Directed Study), Elise Paine (Directed Study), Cindy Lam (Directed Study), Ting Yun Shuie (Directed Study), and Emma Persad (UREAP and Honours).