Previous Research Activities

1) Light-mediated activities of some Thai medicinal plant teas. This research, conducted under the supervision of Dr. Neil Towers in the Department of Botany at UBC explored the light-mediated activities of medicinal plant teas from Thailand. (2001-2002)

2) Collaborative project coordinator on screening for anticancer agents by rare actinomycetes isolated from Thailand in cooperation with Hokkaido University, with funding from Kyowa Hakko Pharmaceuticals, Co., Ltd.(1999-2002)

3) Spearheaded a project to develop an Intellectual Property Protection Office at Chiang Mai University. (1999-2001)

4) Screening for antifungal antibiotics against chitin synthesis and for anticancer agents using mechanism-based screening. The primary focus was on isolating potential microorganisms, in particular actinomycetes, from mangrove and cave soil samples collected in Thailand. This project was supported by a Chiang Mai University, Faculty of Science grant. (2000-2002)

Click here to see some images and results from this research project.

5) Co-researcher on the biodiversity of microorganisms, in particular, endophytic fungi from native medicinal plants in Northern Thailand. This project was supported by the Thai Biodiversity Research Training Program. (1999-2001)

Student Research Photos from Thailand